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Recommended background music: Dark Cat by Lingyuan yousa. | Netease Music


Lingyuan yousa is a famous female singer who is quite active on Netease, Bilibili, 5sing as well as on Sina Weibo. She is known for performing treble tones with excellent skills. Basically the song she performs are ACG songs, Chinese antiquity songs as well as some covers of other singers' songs. For instance, 前前前世 is her fans' favourite piece out of her 58 committed songs on Netease, which is in Japanese but she managed it.

She registered on Sina Microblog on 5th August, 2010 and she was on Bilibili on 12th January, 2012.

Her fans often refer to her as "Leng Niao", literally meaning "freezy bird" because 泠鸢 looks similar to 冷鸟 in Chinese, and she gladly accepted it. On the other hand, her fans are generally referred to as 鸟蛋 (birdeggs), which is very interesting.


Actually personal identity and photos of her are rarely indexed on the public net, making the singer rather mysterious. Her fans mainly know about her daily activities on her Sina Microblog, on which she updates feeds regularly. She also livestreams on Bilibili Live but she would never expose herself in front of the camera.

The information I have grasped by far include:

  • She owns a Mi m4 smartphone, which is in fact a Mi4
  • She is not as tall as we have expected
  • She has a Mac but has a virtual machine running Windows in it
  • It seems that she uses "yousa519" as her ID for general online presence, probably indicating that she was born on 19th May (unsure about its genuity)

I once tried a broad photo search on Google, trying to discover her photo but failed. The results I got were very disappointing. Apart from some ACG avatars of her and some covers of her albums the documents left are entire rubbish.

This is the most mysterious artist I have ever followed.

In the past I followed Jay Chou, on Google he is like this:

I also followed Lea Lin before and on Google, she is like this:

As public celeberities their photos are both indexed on Google, the biggest search engine on earth, the king of big data in the world.

But this time when it comes to Lingyuan yousa I am doubting whether Google is ever working -

It's impossible to find any of her live photos, videos, daily activity photos, concert pictures...

None is seen on Google.

By far the most complete record on her is from Moegirl Wiki here

Even on this wiki, Lingyuan is as mysterious as on any other online platform:

  • She refuses all kinds of unauthorized photographing in possible concerts.
  • She refuses to disclose any personal information publicly on the internet.
  • She's a little anxious about meeting people but working to improve.


According to Moegirl Wiki, Lingyuan yousa has published around 152 pieces in total on 5sing, Bilibili as well as on YouTube. The entire list is found here.

She also participated in Bilibili's Spring Festival Gala in 2013, 2014, 2016 as well as in 2017.

[2013拜年祭]【DAYS】蛇年呀么要大吉 ft . 洛天依


【2016拜年祭单品】Sharing the World



Media Exposure

Because she refuses to be known by the public about her real identity, she is never exposed on TV or such traditional media. She once had an interview with someone and the video was posted on Bilibili in 2015, but it's been deleted as well.

But it doesn't mean that nobody has ever interviewed her. Actually dortail.com, an ACG socialization site somehow contacted her, but only text was seen on the website's Wechat Public Platform...

See the full interview here

  • According to herself, she is fond of Akiaka-on
  • She prefers to live on producing music to other means
  • Her inspirations of writing lyrics come from girl mangas
  • Her lyrics are beautiful because she likes reading poems, proses as well as watching TV, she believes that reading some ancient works is beneficial comparing to reading new ones
  • Sometimes she records her songs in front of her neighbours...

In 2013, she participated in a concert in Chengdu, in which she sang a song named Rain in March (Netease | Bilibili). The video was criticised by her fans because the camera never gave a close shot of Lingyuan yousa. Besides, the video uploaded to Bilibili is somehow downscaled, corrupting its quality so that nobody could ever have an eye on her at all...

Akane Poetry

This is the first personal album ever made by Lingyuan yousa, which was completed in 2016 August, about one year before. Her team made a piece of advert PV, which is said to be rendered with Lumion. The PV contained both the advertisement and the crossfade. (Bilibili)

The "akane" color seems to be a comfortable-looking kind of red. I once inspected the color used in related advertising materials using a color picking tool and the result indicated that it was something like hex #cd3139 or #cd4152.

Songs included in the album are:

Online Presense


The studio Lingyuan yousa is in is called "Days". They have their own website and Twitter account, on which the studio updates its status regularly.

The domain they preserve is daysdoujinsha.com, but when I once looked at its whois information, which provides users the identity of the website owner, I realised that they have made it private. What's more, the domain seller HiChina (Actually 阿里巴巴) even made the information random!

It seems that the website uses Weebly. The DNS resolution is provided by DNSPod, which is a Qihoo360 service.

When Lingyuan published her first personal album, She launched a website, which seems to be based on Tumblr. The domain is yousafirstalbum.me.


OK, OK, OK...

Foreign Social Services

A search on Twitter didn't match any document.

Her YouTube channel looks good but doesn't provide with any personal information...

She also has Google+, but seems not being maintained.


Lingyuan is a mysterious while interesting singer. She lives in her songs. She has so many fans across China but they rarely see her in the flesh. Though she is never disclosed in the real world, it's never a problem, so long as she receives welcome and respect in her daily life and continues producing songs of high quality.